Blowing machines, for a long time, domestic manufacturers have focused their markets around the international market. However, with the rise in domestic labor costs, coupled with the downturn in the overall international market, the growth rate of exports of blow molding machines has slowed down in recent years. In contrast, the domestic market demand for hollow blow molding machine has been maintaining a good growth rate, many blow molding machine manufacturers will also shift part of the market business focus to the domestic. For the domestic blow molding machine market

However, at present, the overall domestic industrial structure began to adjust the bottle machine downstream of the plastic bottle and other products enterprises as a whole in the economically developed provinces in the east to the central and western transfer. This makes the entire domestic market demand for blow molding machines is also Plastic Pet Bottle Making Manufacturing Machine beginning to shift. However, most manufacturers are currently concentrated in a few places, which makes the central and western plastic products enterprises in the purchase of blow molding machine blowing machine after-sales service and many other matters arise. The domestic market layout of blow molding machine, I hope that the blow molding machine manufacturers can by new understanding and consideration. Automatic high-speed blowing machine blowing machine main features:

1、Bottle blowing machine adopts fully automatic conveying bottle blank control method, which can reduce personnel, reduce cost, improve quality and increase profit for enterprises.
2、Bottle blowing machine adopts imported human-machine interface control program, which has the advantages of stable performance and simple operation.
3、Imported components are used to detect the components, high precision control and fast response.
4、Adopt imported reverse osmosis heating by external line beacon tube, strong penetration, uniform heating, reflective plate width, height can be adjusted, can be suitable for different structures of the bottle blank heating.
5、With automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and judgment function.
6、The use of Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, pneumatic components, with high sensitivity, fast switching speed, low failure rate, safe and reliable remote travel.
7, air circuit design: action and blowing air into two parts, to meet the needs of blowing bottles, action different air pressure, to achieve high pressure blowing products.
8、Unique mold closing structure, strong clamping force, smooth action, fast mold opening and closing speed, easy installation of the mold, easy to replace.