What is the foaming technology of large hollow blow molding machine? In the process of hollow blow molding, the raw material colloidal particles are plasticized under rated back pressure, and carbon dioxide or N2 in a supercritical state is introduced into the melting equipment in the hollow blow molding machine, so that the gas and the raw materials in the molten state are mixed. Thorough mixing results in a plastic parison for molding.

The parison enters the mold successively through the die head of the hollow blow molding machine and the extruder. During the molding process, it will be subjected to a certain pressure. Due automatic blow molding machine to thermal instability, a lot of bubbles will be generated inside the parison. These bubbles In the following cooling process, it will gradually become larger and become the inner wall of the plastic product, thereby completing the production of plastic hollow blow molding products.

Advantages of foaming technology for large-scale hollow blow molding machines: improve the dimensional accuracy of plastic blow molding products, shorten product production cycles, and improve production efficiency; reduce product residual stress, improve product warpage and deformation; reduce product surface sink marks; effective savings Raw materials, reduce product quality; reduce clamping force requirements, save manufacturing costs; produced blow-molded products are more durable and improve the life of blow-molded products.